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Hello ian_r_h,

you are Welcome  :)

Thank you.

I'm pretty much now all-Linux Lite, as I haven't dared update my Windows 7 desktop for over a year (if it goes wrong, it's pretty much a 40 mile taxi round-trip to the local shop); and Windows 10 is getting more and more of a Prima Donna over updates.  And this forced updates thing is a complete nuisance - especially since the "Pro" version doesn't defer them properly on mine any more.

LL is just so much more flexible.  Plus already I can usually either fix any issues without help; or with the friendly help here!  :)

Hello ian_r_h,

with learning it is always best to do what works well for you, being settled/comfortable seems to me to be  a very big part of learning :)

LL is the only distro I use every day, I no longer use Windows, which is just since January, but it was a big step to take for me, it has taken me 3 years to get to take that step lol.

The @username thing , if a member has email notifications set up in their profile, it sends them an email saying they were "mentioned in a post"
Also in your forum profile, you can click a menu on the left side, that is named "Mentions", to find any posts where you were mentioned this way.
It's useful because the forum is a very busy place.

I'm just working through the book without working through the examples, at the moment.  That's kind of how I learn - an initial read and a break, so my mind consolidates things.

LL is my only distro at this time.  I guess I'm still at the "getting a feel for" stage with Linux.  But so far I really like Linux!

BTW, what's the @username thing in the forum??

Hold down Ctrl and Alt keys and press t (Ctrl Alt + t)
Copy/paste (or type) in to your terminal -

--- Code: ---dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1 count=32 2>/dev/null | base64 -w 0 | rev | cut -b 2- | rev
--- End code ---

An example


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