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I think you know Linux very well :)

Take your time... You're doing great :)
I wish I had the time to fully learn it, more so trial by fire and learn as you go..
I know enough to get into trouble, and hopefully enough to get back out... But can poke around to get what I need...

 8) 8) 8)


 :) Good modifications.

I haven't learned these yet, loops are in the next chapter, I learn from the book etc.

Yes I use Gedit on Linux Lite for learning Python, and also learning Shell Scripting as it is the final part of the command line book (Chapters #24 thru #36[end of the book]), I have just completed chapter #28, I've been on this book for a long time maybe 3 or 4 years lol
 I have just added the template to Gedit in Ubuntu on Saturday, I couldn't add the template in Gnome myself, one of the Ubuntu Moderators showed me how to do it. I also had to ask how to add the template the first time on Linux Lite.

On Linux Lite I have also used Leafpad for editing code of files already on the system, or files in Virtualbox when I used to use it, just a couple of times, I also use Leafpad for lists some times, in the same way I used to use textpad in Windows in the past.

I just try and learn code at home.
At the weekend I heard about womens mentoring programmes, so I began to look if they exist for Linux, I have to learn more about them and see if there are any suitable for me, or whether I need to learn a lot more first before I would be able to join it, as it may begin at too advanced a level for me to be able to learn on it.


So I tweaked it a little, it will run in a loop until 0 = quit or an invalid is chosen.
So you can run each without restarting the script.

Thanks for posting it gave me something to play with LOL

I was wondering what you used to edit - I used Geany on my LL box, I use Atom at work for mostly Ruby (still a newbie to it)..
If you're curious - They both allow you have switch between files in tabs - Atom will show your directory tree, where I have files that reference other files I can switch around and still know where I'm at :)

Here's the modifications.. Minor tweaks (I added some spacing for visual)... All other lines are the same (moved 0 to the bottom so I could think it thru :) )


@firenice03 that would be  8) :)

This is the Gedit template I use -


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