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I have a script, called logs, that prints log information inside an lxterminal window.

From inside lxterminal I can start it like this: logs &

It fills the screen with new data each minute, and I can also type quick commands which return information. For example ls or df.

All this works fine when I type the command, but I want a bash script to open an lxterminal and have logs start running in the background with the capability to type commands in as needed.

This bash script line will run, but not in the background: lxterminal -e 'bash -c "~/scripts/logs"'

I thought I could us "&" to get it to run in background, but it doesn't work.
This line doesn't run at all: lxterminal -e 'bash -c "~/scripts/logs"' &

I'm using this to open multiple terminal windows, and I want this one lxterminal window to start it's job in the background so commands can be entered.

Any ideas?

Thanks, koken


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