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Custom Command Line Recycle Bin


I like the look of this.

I'm an user of rm and always have to stop myself from just banging to command out to makesure I don't do anything stupid.

jack action:
I've made a script to put a file or folder into a recycle bin instead of a deleting it with rm (which could be problematic if you make an error).

In a file called usr/bin/trash, I've put the following:

--- Code: ---#!/bin/bash

# move a file or folder to a __trash__ folder (within the same directory)

if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
echo "You need a file or folder name.";
exit 1;
elif [ "$1" = "/" ]; then
echo 'You cannot put "/" in trash.';
exit 1;

trashParentDir="$(dirname $1)";

mkdir -p "$trashParentDir/__trash__";
mv -vft "$trashParentDir/__trash__" "$1";
exit 0;

--- End code ---

Then I created 2 aliases:

--- Code: ---alias rm="trash"
alias empty-trash="sudo find / -depth -type d -name \"__trash__\" -exec rm -r '{}' ';'"

--- End code ---

When using rm, you actually put a file or folder into a __trash__ folder within the same directory. (Note: it will overwrite a pre-existing file of the same name previously 'deleted')
In case of a mistake, just move the file out of the __trash__ folder.

When using empty-trash, you delete all __trash__ folders on the computer.  You need root privilege to do so.
You could make a Cron job to empty-trash regularly.


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