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There is a shell variable PROMPT_COMMAND that is interfering with all of the normal means of setting the bash shell prompt. The following in your .bashrc should fix it.


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Not quite sure of your question here. Are you saying you are running the "live" ISO or an installed system? You can certainly customize the prompt on any Linux/Unix system ... except for many "live" ISOs and "safe" mode mods.


I have the same problem, running LL 4.4, I cannot change the bash prompt in any terminal.  I've tracked it through all the normal config files and changed everything I thought might have an effect, to no avail.

One suspicious thing, the definition for PS1 when you echo it is fully expanded:

--- Code: --- thomasd  ~  echo $PS1
\[\] thomasd \[\] \[\]~ \[\] \[\]
 thomasd  ~  

--- End code ---

so it looks like some service somewhere is setting PS1 in the background.


Hello dave61430,

it can be changed on desktop installed LL 3.2 , LL 4 series uses different terminal, maybe a member using 4 series can try also ?

^Here I backup default prompt, echo backup to check it is correct, change prompt to PS1="\$ ", run cal to show new prompt holds after additional command, then restore to the backup of default prompt.


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