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Hello, Valtam!

I repaired the base's electronic crypto machines. Some of them were used to encrypt and decrypt what were the forerunners of today's emails. Others scrambled phone calls. The "red phone" was mainly used by Gen. Charles A. (Chuck) Horner, who went on to lead the air campaign of the 1991 Gulf War, Desert Shield.

They did (and still do) a lot of testing at Holloman AFB, so we also had smaller devices, used to encrypt missile telemetry. About the size of a pack of cigarettes, they flew in both AMRAAM and Patriot missiles.

The fighters also had devices that encrypted their radios. Different people worked on those, but they still sent me to school to learn how to repair them anyway...



--- Quote from: N4RPS on March 10, 2014, 02:31:17 AM ---...that reminds me of my service at Holloman AFB, New Mexico (1982-1985)...

--- End quote ---

What did you do there?

Here's a screenshot that reminds me of my service at Holloman AFB, New Mexico (1982-1985)...

This is a little event we do on the LDC forums, so we spread the love to this forum! Post away! Screenshots have to be strictly Linux Lite.


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