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Full screen HD Youtube video is my biggest Linux Lite challenge when helping someone with computer specs like yours, especially if they have a proprietary video card.  I have to resort to installing Minitube or maybe consider them a candidate for something even more lightweight than LL.

I love those icons AVJ !
Thank you for posting the sources of your icons etc....


Awesome! I love Acer Aspire One netbooks. About 8 months ago I came across a deal on ebay for two Aspire One d-250's for 100.00 bucks US. Brand new and still in the original boxes, everything there except for the ac adapters. I've maxed the memory on both to 2 gb and replaced the hard drives with SSD's. They're wonderful little critters and among my favorite machines of all time. If available and you haven't done so, I'd strongly recommend an SSD for your's, makes an enormous difference!


Here's a pic of my blue d-250, playfully sitting on my desk. Can't really tell from the picture but yep! That's 32bit LL 2.8! It's on everything around here now...  :)

Very nice avj.

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To torreydale:
To be quite honest I have a terrible connection (satellite), so I only watch videos in standard definition, otherwise most of the time I would be waiting for buffering. When I have full bandwidth all videos seem to play fine but I usually don't watch full screen so I really couldn't say.


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