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Minimalist LinuxLite desktop on old Ideapad


This is wonderfully creative. Color coded panel icons would be quite covenient when a teaching situation involves a language barrier. Very nicely done.


Hello! I installed LinuxLite on an old Ideapad 300S. Here's my minimalist desktop.

The wallpaper is here:

I replaced the panel icons with plain circles whose colors match the programs.

Yellow is the menu:

Cyan is the file explorer:

Orange is Firefox (installed from a PPA):

Red is Textmaker word processor:

Brown is Synaptic package manager, and black is the terminal:

The rest of the indicators (network, volume, etc) are on a second, hidden panel on the right.

My laptop's specs:

I am amazed at how fast LinuxLite runs with such limited resources! Everything works perfectly! Even Netflix runs smoothly on Firefox and Chrome. Amazing!


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