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Settled on this now. Let conky handle desktop branding. Less clutter. Changed icons to tango. Thin ice theme.


Thanks. It's not perfect but was put together with what comes in the box with Linux Lite, LODraw, screenshot, and gthumb. The theme comes with LL and the icons, the image from the forum here. Took about two hours. Took a while to figure out 325x425 resolution for conky. It just shows how users can modify the look of their system easily in LL. Clearing memory feature is a really nice feature in light tweaks too. LODraw is a memory hog and froze dumping to swap once which is dog slow in virtual environment. Using boxes default here, not qemu manual setup, 20g vdd and 2g memory and performed all the operations while running the LL dekstop in virtual. All work done from the LL GUI except the Conky configuration and plymouth. Fairly easy task. No exotic graphics software needed.     TC

That's really cool!

Messed around with a pale blue feather theme today. Came up with what there is below. Has grub, plymouth, lightdm, desktop, conky, and xfce4term backgrounds. Shows what can be done fairly easily and quickly with LL. Theme is thin ice, and icons are high contrast. Pretty flat simple theme.   TC


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