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Don't change a thing, Jerry. I'm in the process of reading some older threads to "catch up" since it has been so long since I was on here regularly. Sorry about the absence, but sometimes life gets in the way. Then add the fact that Lite "just works" with zero glitches,,,,,, well you get the idea.

I  have ver 3.8 on 2 laptops and just installed ver 4.2 on the desktop in my hobby room/man cave. It's still in "as installed" form. I have a few programs I'll change and then make a few tweaks to the appearance to suit me, but I'll be running that desktop with ver 4.x on it for 4 or 5 years, I expect. Other than updates there will be no changes made. I see no need. It does, "just work" and work well.

Many thanks to you and the guys for your efforts.  8)

Cheers George :)

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George S Rasmussen:
Jerry, I have to agree. The way you've got Linux Lite buttoned down configuration wise makes it difficult to work with. I understand why you do things this way and certainly don't argue with it. Given the audience you're targeting Linux Lite is a great option. 

Installing and running an alternate DE in Linux Lite is doable, but it's not easy and it doesn't work well. The best option is to leave Linux Lite as is and work with another lightweight Debian based distro, like MX Linux for example, that allows endless configuration options including substituting other DE's for Xfce.

Wish you and Linux Lite all the best as the year goes by Jerry.

Just get a distro with the DE already on it. I'd rather not lock this, I'm just going to assume folks here have the common sense to end this discussion.

@George S Rasmussen  Last year, in a VM just like you're doing I installed awesome-wm in LL and faced the exact same problem you're experiencing now; couldn't find a way to choose either to log in to xfce or awesome from lightdm, however, after some reading and trials and errors I did manage to get it by replacing/removing the xfce .desktop file but then I couldn't log in to xfce. Maybe, there's a way to get lightdm to offer the option but I wasn't able to do it and to be honest I think it's not worth the time and effort since there are many other distros around I can do just the same without all the hassle, i.e Antix; lightweight, Debian based, and offer the possiblity to choose from different DEs to install, Antergos is another one that does the same, you can choose from 7 different DEs at the install, and if you like getting your hands "dirty" you could try Arch and install as many DEs as you want. Here's the link to that post I created here regarding awesome-wm in LL

Hope this helps! :)


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