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Linux Lite with the MATE Desktop

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George S Rasmussen:

--- Quote from: misko_2083 on January 08, 2019, 06:00:28 PM ---..It's hard to remember what was yesterday for lunch. This was four years ago with Linux Lite 2.0. Probably changed something with Lightdm.

From my experiance people in the community think that if you install another desktop environment distro/respin breaks.
Some even say that if Gnome is installed then it's no longer that distro. Guys at antiX linux for example. :)
So if you install and use something that is taboo on the forums you most likely will not get support...
--- End quote ---

Thanks Misko. I'm not looking for official support per se, just for any hint you can offer relative to installing and running the Mate' desktop on Linux Lite. Having seen photos of your results 4 years ago it's obvious that doing so was possible at that time, and I imagine it still is today. I'm not looking to 'break' anything or create a different distro, just trying to see what Linux Lite 4.2 would be like running the Mate' desktop instead of Xfce, running in a Virtualbox.

In the past I used Gnome 2.x exclusively, and once Mate' was introduced I used it on all my Debian/Ubuntu based systems. In MX Linux I've replaced Xfce with Mate' with flawless results. While I can install Mate' on Linux Lite 4.2 with Synaptic, apparently the option to choose Mate' (or any other DE instead of Xfce) at the login screen has been crippled - for what reason I can only guess. Obviously there's a way to change that and whether or not I find help doing so here in the forum I will figure it out, reporting my results as I go along as you did 4 years ago.

Honestly I think, from what your photos reveal and from my own long time experience running Gnome 2.x and Mate' on all my systems, that Linux Lite running the Mate' desktop would be a great combination, something worth exploring in depth.

I truly hope you're able to contribute to this experiment in a positive way Misko, with any suggestions that might help me get past the login screen hangup I'm presently experiencing.

Thanks much!

Thanks everyone :)

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Mister Jerry, keep focus on your mission. You are doing well. I've tried many distros and nothing compare to LL.  It's simple, fast and free.

I've tried many distros via virtualbox and several DEs and always find xfce to be the best, maybe outperformed for KDE since it has a lot of features that I really enjoy but not as customizable, at least in my experience which to be honest was rather short. I even installed awesome-wm in LL last year since is keyboard oriented and I really love that, but then lightdm didn't showed the option to log in, I managed to do so but then I couldn't log in to xfce, so after some trials and errors I understood LL wasn't made for people who wanted to experiment with this; so let LL be! which is just perfect the way it is. If you don't like it then by all means try another one since there's plenty out there for you to choose. Now, if you want a rock-solid stable foolproof system which doesn't get in your way and works out the box then LL is most likely what you want.

@ Jerry! Right, clear message.  ;)  LL is in my opinion one of the best Xfce distributions. You see, what I use everything.


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