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Linux Lite 2.8


I appreciate that, thank you Jerry.   :)

Looking good Glenn :)

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Hello everyone, hope I've posted this in the correct place.

Thought I'd share my daily driver, Linux Lite 2.8 installed upon my Lenovo Ideapad.



Whisker Menu

Whisker theme and conkyrc are my own. I love the provided feather backgrounds and tried to catch the colors of the feather on VGA background and match them within conky.

GTK is Zukitwo-Dark-Reloaded

Icon set is Menda-Circle (The set's quite large & has a somewhat "material design" aspect to it).

As I've said, it's my daily driver. I like to work from my LVDS to VGA and have set up my panel, it's indicators and the menu accordingly. 

It's not mind blowing or overly dramatic but I come from using either Openbox or i3 and like my systems left light, functional and minimal. Can't say enough about Linux Lite, absolutely in love with this system... Many thanks once again @Jerry!   :)


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