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Latest Linux Lite 2.8 Desktop

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I just installed Linux Lite and I am quite impressed.
Only thing I miss is the Cinnamon Desktop. Is it possible to install it additionally?

Tad Cooper:
Thanks, Jerry and nomko

Here's the theme -

I should remember to link!

Great looking desktop!
I am using the Numix icon theme for quit a while now and i love that icon theme!

Were do you get that Xfce theme?

Very nicely done!

Tad Cooper:

Xfce theme - tish
Icons - Numix-Circle-Light
Font - Droid Sans 10
Conky - Green Apple Desktop Widget
Wallpaper - from Wallhaven 235412.jpg

Compositing is turned on and I fiddled with transparency to make things feel lighter/modern. The bottom is not a launcher, but just a modified panel.  I centered it and added a transparent background with 64 pix icons.  Whisker at the top left and Applications and Directory down low on the "launcher".


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