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Forum Posting Guidelines


By following these posting standards, you will make your posts easier to read by fellow members, whilst ensuring a consistent standard across the Forums.

Thread titles:

Thread titles should be brief but descriptive.
eg. You want to make a thread about installing 'Gimp' on Linux

Thread title would read:
How to install Gimp on Linux

Thread content:

For install commands and code in general, please use the Insert Code button on the posting menu bar or [ code ]sudo apt-get install gimp[ /code ] (without the spaces in the code brackets) to enclose your code.

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install gimp
--- End code ---

Inserting images:

Upload your images to imgur for free.

Copy the code from the BBCode box in imgur and paste it on a line where you want the picture to appear.

DO NOT attach your screenshots to the Forums, this takes up huge amounts of disk space over time. Please only use the attachment function for reports.

All images are limited to 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. Clicking on pictures that are larger than that will make them full size once your post has been made.

Attaching a report

On Linux Lite, do Menu > System > Create System Report.
Then click on Attachments and other options at the bottom of the edit window. Click on the Browse button and select the system report file. Lastly, click on the Post button.


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