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The following is a tentative release schedule for Linux Lite as listed here -

Starting with Linux Lite 3.0 I'd like to remove the numbering from releases. I don't think Linux Lite 7.4 sounds particularly appealing. The codenames for release builds are named after gemstones in alphabetical order - to date we've had Amethyst (1.0 series) and Beryl (2.0 series). The third major release (based on Ubuntu 16.04LTS) will be named: Linux Lite Citrine. I'd welcome suggestions on how we can distinguish between each release build for the Citrine series, so it will read like the following: Linux Lite Citrine xxx, xxx representing the tack-on name.

Linux Lite 2.0 'Beryl' Release - 1st June, 2014

Linux Lite 2.2 Release - 1st December, 2014

Linux Lite 2.4 Release - 1st April, 2015

Linux Lite 2.6 Release - 1st September, 2015

Linux Lite 2.8 Release - 1st February, 2016 (End of Support April 2019)

Linux Lite 3.0 'Citrine' Release - 1st June 2016

Linux Lite 3.2 Release - 1st November 2016

Linux Lite 3.4 Release - 1st April 2017

Linux Lite 3.6 Release - 1st September 2017

Linux Lite 3.8 Release - 1st February 2018 (End of Support April 2021)

Linux Lite 4.0 'Diamond' Release - 1st June 2018

Linux Lite 4.2 Release - 1st November 2018

Linux Lite 4.4 Release - 1st April 2019

Linux Lite 4.6 Release - 1st September 2019

Linux Lite 4.8 Release - 1st February 2020 (End of Support April 2023)

Okay here are some opinions for you.... I use Lite in my business. As such I have many machines in use and 3 different Lite versions being used at any given time, although eventually the goal is to have everyone on the latest version. Life gets in the way however and upgrading a workstation can take a day in the real world.

I beg you, please keep the numbering system. It helps track which machine is running which version. It is how the entire industry does things and there is a valid reason. It works. It easily identifies what version a machine is running, especially when multiple machines are involved, many running different versions.

One of my biggest problems with Lite and a possible reason why I may switch (although I am really happy with the OS itself...) is the huge hassle of upgrading from one version to another. A typical business workstation may use dozens of apps not on the "install additional software" list, and even that system is time consuming when upgrading. So please look at the big picture.

I love Linux Lite. It is awesome, but please keep the version numbers, it is the way almost every other distro and os works and btw version 2.2 is awesome.

If you could ease upgrades  that would be great but please, please, please keep the numbers! In business we track and support things by asset tags, using names and sub names will just make things complicated and confusing.

Ok, why not. I'm always for finding new ways to do thigs. I understand some will not like the changes. But eventualy everyone adapts.
We could use latin letters.
Linux Lite Citrine A
Linux Lite Citrine B
Linux Lite Citrine C
Or maybe roman numbers
Linux Lite Citrine I
Linux Lite Citrine II
Linux Lite Citrine III
Linux Lite Citrine IV
That sounds like some queen Citrine the fist :)
Next, we could use words.
Linux Lite Citrine  one
Linux Lite Citrine  two
Not really universal for all the languages.
Or, maybe just 00x
Linux Lite Citrine 001
Linux Lite Citrine  002
Linux Lite Citrine 001
Linux Lite Citrine 010
Linux Lite Citrine 011
Linux Lite Citrine 100
Linux Lite Citrine 101
Too geeky, and complicated for some. :)
Well, that's abot it for now.

misko, I love the Roman numerals idea, well done :)

@sbcwinn, thank you for your feedback.
Numbering system - misko's suggestions for example allows for the retention of a numbering system.
Upgrading - see this thread here -

--- Quote from: sbcwinn ---So please look at the big picture.
--- End quote ---

We always do when we discuss new changes, that's why there are threads like this that are open to free, constructive discussion. Looking at the big picture involves considering and catering to the complete spectrum of users, from beginners and individuals of all levels, through to community organisations including schools, and of course businesses.

If the majority of the feedback we get favors the status quo, then we will listen and act accordingly. Thank you :)

What about a color code for example.
Linux Lite (Stone Name) - This is the main release
Linux Lite (Stone Name) White - which would be a .2
Linux Lite (Stone Name) Red - which would be a a .4
Linux Lite (Stone Name) Blue - which would be a .6
Linux Lite (Stone Name) Black - which would be a .8
Linux Lite (Stone Name) - Next Main release
Linux Lite (Stone Name) White

That way each stays with the stone theme and also keeps each REV for each main line common between each new build. Also color is better with translation from culture to culture. That is just my thoughts.


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