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I like the idea of the reminder...
Whether it be upon an click of Lite Upgrade..
"Your system has reached the end of the series look for a new versions coming..."

Or similarly on Lire Welcome.. or a step further  a notice of end of life??

For a Windows user the next release is media heavy whether you follow tech or not... A notice of sorts isn't a bad idea.

Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: PrivateTech on September 30, 2022, 10:36:50 PM ---You misunderstood the point. I represent a lot of those who have no voice, no skills, little logic, no computer skills, and don’t read forums. Before you hate them or think about them with disrespect and contempt, think about your grandma for a moment. If you tried to make her life easier but she struggles to understand the “unspoken” part. Think about a school with teachers of non-technical disciplines who hate unpredictable and unexplainable to them technology with passion. Think of a nurse who saved your yours and parents’ lives and you are scolding her for not doing research in computer matters. It’s enough she went through years and years of studying and still keeps up in her field to save your life. Then she has several kids to feed and take care of after she took care of you at work. She just wants things to work and not do research in things she hates with passion. Just like cars. She wants to drive one that doesn’t break, without becoming a car mechanic. She wants to read things and believe what they say. If a car says that the door is open she doesn’t want to read the manual from to back to find out that the light “door open” actually means that she’s out of gas when it’s raining outside. Arrogance and shaming is good among professionals, maybe like you and me. This system actually targets unsuspecting users who want things just work. There are lots of those. Hence, no need to insult their intelligence. Or blame them for ignorance. After all, that nurse studied for over a decade and still pays off her student debt while raising several children and having enough knowledge in her field to save your life when you are admitted into ER. Enough things to worry about in her life before she jumps and reads the difference between what it says and what the reality is. See my point?

--- End quote ---

It is a way of putting it. Your way.
On the other hand...
Does it write here somewhere that this is a forum for babysitters and nurses and... (etc.), who want to use Linux without learning anything?
Think again!
Even a washing machine, or a coffee expressor has a manual and you are supposed to read it, BEFORE COMPLAINING it works bad, or it got broke.
This is the point!

And here is another perspective:
Want to have everything at a turn-key, or "one click away" 24/7/365? OK. Go back to Windows. They claim they do this. So, why bother with Linux (whatever distro...)?
Or, maybe use a Mac Air. They claim the same.

The way you put things together is offensive for many of the people around here, who spent countless hours learning and then sharing their knowledge -- be them savvy or beginner.
They all put sweat besides knowledge into their posts. For free! What about the countless answers to questions that are already answered in the Linux Lite manual? Or in the forum posts?

Think deeper when you post something. Anything.. And mostly, speak for yourself. It is a matter of self-respect. Nobody here asked you to be "the voice of the many". They can speak for themselves, as we all do here.

--- Quote from: PrivateTech on September 30, 2022, 10:36:50 PM ---[...]Before you hate them or think about them with disrespect and contempt[...]

--- End quote ---

Nobody hates and/or disrespects you, or anyone else, for that matter.
But it looks like YOU DO THIS, by throwing false accusations and claims unsupported with evidence.

I am a self-taught computer user and I think I know well enough what it means to give up your sleep or skip a meal or two, or maybe more, just to buy a book you need or want, in order to learn something. Anything! And this is how it goes, with everything! Including Linux or any other skill you want to have and use. You have to grow it inside you.
I started to learn computers by myself in 1995. Long time ago, old story. So, before telling me, or US a story of a lazy user, who expects a computer to work by itself by just pressing a button, hear, listen my story too. It is very much like many other stories of many people here, on this forum.

Best regards!

Now torrenting the LL 6.2 RC.

So looking forward to this! For me Lite Tweaks is one of the greatest features among the many offered in this desktop distro. Snapd is disabled, another big plus. Cleaning up systemd logs, which can become huge over time, is another big plus (in Lite Tweaks).

I'll instantly ditch the default browser and Thunderbird and replace them with my old favorite, Seamonkey using a PPA. Other than that and the usual desktop customization I always do with wallpaper and panels, Linux Lite is about as out-of-the-box perfect as any distro I've ever used.  The only reason I keep one alternative Linux distro around is to keep my ancient 32-bit box out of the landfill for as long as I can.

Thanks to Jerry and the Team for this little bundle of awesomeness!

Thank you @PrivateTech , never say never :)


Thank you so much for taking your time to even reply.

No, of course it is not a big deal.

No, it is not super important.

Maybe it is not even worth your time as I am sure there are lots of more pressing matters.

No, there is no avalanche of feedback that we experienced. But there were a few, from more than one client of our fairly small company. Yet, we took it as an indication that if we heard of it more than once, there must be others.

I thought I'd share, without any expectation of any change. Just a friendly suggestion, that's all. I am absolutely sure that none of our users would ever research about it online, let alone post on any forums. We help those who certainly won't. That is why I mentioned that I/we represent those without a voice, so to speak.

But in a big picture of course it is a very very minor thing. Just thought I'd contribute by sharing, without criticizing and without any expectations.

Thank you for your hard work and looking forward to the version 6.2 soon.

All the best!


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