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Linux Lite 6.0 Final Released

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Thank you @Artim @Şerban @Anmol Kumar :)

Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: Jerry on September 20, 2022, 07:44:48 PM ---Moved up a spot today...

--- End quote ---

That was great!
As if today, it is even greater: Top 10!

Now, given the fact that Linux Lite 6.0 is living it's last month, it is presumable that most users, are waiting for LL 6.2 so at some extent, I can understand the decrease of downloads.
But this very fact is relevant: it tells me that the new users choose Linux Lite over many other distros, that are considered "seasoned" ones.
As for me, I'll take the ride with LL 6.2 from Day One! :D

Thanks, best thoughts and best wishes Jerry, for this great accomplishment!

Moved up a spot today...

I posted my review on the download site today.

Anmol Kumar:
Thanks for the distro. One of the best distro for users coming from Windows. Love disro hoping but always comes back to this. Fast and ready to use. Use it for my programming.

Would like to contribute to distro with my web programming skills (websites) if anyway possible.


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