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This is the first time this topic has been brought up to the best of my knowledge. Could @PrivateTech be talking on behalf of silent users? Possibly, we just won't know. I think you'll find most companies, organizations etc usually only act if there is a measurable amount of feedback. That doesn't also translate to, we should ignore feedback or not implement something if only one person has mentioned it. Every well written suggestion is carefully considered. At this stage, I don't have that sense that I should rush off and do something about this, and again, that doesn't also mean that a change in wording won't occur in the future. Never be afraid to give feedback or opinion, I rely heavily on this community to help me improve this operating system. Thank you all for this discussion. Let's look forward to the 6.2 release, the RC1 is coming very soon :)

You misunderstood the point. I represent a lot of those who have no voice, no skills, little logic, no computer skills, and don’t read forums. Before you hate them or think about them with disrespect and contempt, think about your grandma for a moment. If you tried to make her life easier but she struggles to understand the “unspoken” part. Think about a school with teachers of non-technical disciplines who hate unpredictable and unexplainable to them technology with passion. Think of a nurse who saved your yours and parents’ lives and you are scolding her for not doing research in computer matters. It’s enough she went through years and years of studying and still keeps up in her field to save your life. Then she has several kids to feed and take care of after she took care of you at work. She just wants things to work and not do research in things she hates with passion. Just like cars. She wants to drive one that doesn’t break, without becoming a car mechanic. She wants to read things and believe what they say. If a car says that the door is open she doesn’t want to read the manual from to back to find out that the light “door open” actually means that she’s out of gas when it’s raining outside. Arrogance and shaming is good among professionals, maybe like you and me. This system actually targets unsuspecting users who want things just work. There are lots of those. Hence, no need to insult their intelligence. Or blame them for ignorance. After all, that nurse studied for over a decade and still pays off her student debt while raising several children and having enough knowledge in her field to save your life when you are admitted into ER. Enough things to worry about in her life before she jumps and reads the difference between what it says and what the reality is. See my point?

There comes a time when you have to do the work and not rely on your parents to do everything for you, as Serban says it is all laid out for all to see and Jerry shouldn't have to hold their hand and lead them to the information.  I have been using Linux Lite since February 2022, downloaded the ISO for 5.4 according to Jerry's instructions and following those instructions was able to set up dual boot with Windows reading all of the instructions.  During that install it stated that I could only upgrade within a series then I upgraded to 5.8 without any trouble because I followed the well detailed instructions that Jerry spelled out for a novice like me.  Do the work, read the manual, read the tutorials, search the forum where folks like Serban will help you down the path of Linux Lite OS freely.  Just my opinion.

When users click on Upgrade, it says that they are running the latest version, which is incorrect and confused some of them. I was asked about it more than once by regular users.

Not every user reads every page of documentation front to back. Many lay people who love using LinuxLite take it literally for what it says without second guessing it.

If the check says “you are running the latest version” they trust it and read it with plain common sense without thinking that there are some more “obvious” untold rules.

They trust what they read and think that there must be something wrong with their installation that it cannot upgrade. They don’t jump reading forums to check for conditions and limitations. For most it doesn’t make much sense, series or not. Why they can upgrade within series but not between series.

If it cannot be done - no problem. That’s how it was designed and I’m not nothing about it. We are all grateful for a lot of hard work with wonderful results.

All I’m saying - just give people consistent message that says all the truth. Maybe educates them a little bit too.

Saying that the current message is misleading is a bit too strong language. I’d rather say… why not educate users and simply say as it is:

Hey, great news! A new version is released! Sorry, the bad news is that you cannot automatically upgrade from your version. You need to reinstall it or look online for manual ways to do it.

And users will be grateful even more for getting accurate information.

Hope it makes sense.

Thanks again for your hard work.

Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: PrivateTech on September 30, 2022, 01:43:12 AM ---Hello,

Thank you for the wonderful new release.

Now, that the LinixLite version 6.0 is released, maybe it is a good idea to stop telling users of the earlier version 5.8 that they have the most current version when they check for an upgrade. It actually surprises some users and they are asking why there is no upgrade available when the new version is released already.

If it cannot be upgraded from 5.8 to 6.0 (very unfortunately and highly anticipated), it would be great to say just that.  [...]
--- End quote ---


Have you read the entire thread?
You probably missed this:

--- Quote from: Jerry on June 03, 2022, 05:00:33 PM ---Release Candidate's are for testing only, therefore there is no upgrade path.
There is no upgrade path from Series to Series" eg. Series 5x to Series 6x.

--- End quote ---

Here is another one:

--- Quote from: Moltke on August 19, 2021, 09:42:59 PM ---
--- Quote from: MrSojek on August 19, 2021, 12:26:07 PM ---When final release is out will I need a new installation from scratch?

--- End quote ---

Upgrades within a series, i.e. Linux Lite 5.x, are allowed, so no, you won't. However, when Linux Lite 6.x comes out, you will need to install from scratch.

--- End quote ---

There is also a long list of posts regarding the Updates procedure. Use Forum's Search box with the string:

--- Code: ---LinuxLite 5.8 to 6.0
--- End code ---

Best regards!


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