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Linux Lite 4.8 Final Released

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Since no one guessed the two critical elements that I had originally chosen, I will now inform you.

1. Wallpaper - this is the default wallpaper for Windows 7
2. Font - The font used was plastered everywhere! I was sure someone would get this, but alas. The font is Segoe UI. "Light and Semibold versions of Segoe UI were introduced with Windows 7." Appearing first in Windows Vista, Windows 7 was the first OS to host the complete family for Segoe.

For those who like to geek-out, here is some very interesting history regarding this font -

Congratulations to firenice03. I will PM you soon for details. I'm sure the others would like to see a photo of you and your new Linux Lite Swag when you get it!

No problems updating from 4.6 to 4.8. Windows 7 users should be delighted by how simple the upgrade system is in LL.


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sorry for the PM Jerry. my mistake

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No problem at all :)


OEMs could now brand Windows wallpaper and modify colors and lightness. One I remember was Digital, and I think Compaq.


sorry for the PM Jerry. my mistake


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