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Linux Lite 4.8 Final Released

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Nice easy upgrade as always!!

Well played, very well played, sir! 

Sauri Extras:
Upgrade done smoothly.

Thanks a lot Jerry. The update feels more smoother and faster than before. A commendable job on the update!  ;D

Thank you, Jerry and team, for a seamless, painless, fast, straightforward upgrade.
I went through the "Menu - Settings - Lite Upgrade" route and voila!

Now, regarding the "two critical elements in the wallpaper perttaining to Windows", well, it is based on the wallpaper of the venerable Windows 7 Starter Edition AND on the wallpaper from thew Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, and the Windoze logo was replaced by the LL "feather" logo.

Another updated -- EASY!!!

I would agree the LL "Welcome" wallpaper is a Win7 throwback - *Nice touch...

As for the 2nd ---
All the color feather wallpapers... are a represention of the MS colors/logo ... Almost to a T - LOL




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