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Linux Lite 4.8 Final Released

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Thank you, Jerry and team, for a seamless, painless, fast, straightforward upgrade.
I went through the "Menu - Settings - Lite Upgrade" route and voila!

Now, regarding the "two critical elements in the wallpaper perttaining to Windows", well, it is based on the wallpaper of the venerable Windows 7 Starter Edition AND on the wallpaper from thew Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, and the Windoze logo was replaced by the LL "feather" logo.

Sauri Extras:
Upgrade done smoothly.

Thanks a lot Jerry. The update feels more smoother and faster than before. A commendable job on the update!  ;D

Well played, very well played, sir! 

Nice easy upgrade as always!!

Congratulations on this release.  Making Linux look like Windows is anathema to me, as I want my desktop to be as different from Windows as possible!  But Linux Lite is definitely my choice for newbies coming from Windows to Linux for the first time. And it's so easy to make any changes I want to the Xfce desktop, I can have it looking as "Linuxy" as I like in a few mouse clicks.  I hope the Win7 end-of-life will bring many more users to Linux Lite.  Well done!


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