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Linux Lite 4.6 Final Released

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@Xorcist open a new Support thread in the appropriate section please.

Thanks for the upgrade... version 4 keeps getting better and better, woot!

Yeeeaah!Dark Theme baby! ;)

Installing updates before the upgrade I ran into a segfault on one of the updates (not sure which one, unlucky me), trying to run updates again I was informed I needed to run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" which I did. When that was complete I rebooted and attempted to upgrade. But I'm getting the message that I am already at the latest version, but according to "cat /etc/llver" I'm still on 4.4. Any ideas on how to remedy this and get upgraded to 4.6?

UPDATE: I was able to remedy my situation by running a "sudo apt-get -f install", so all is good.


--- Quote from: firenice03 on September 04, 2019, 09:37:53 AM ---Quick upgrade on the Asus.. :)

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Quick upgrade on the Asus.. :)


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