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Linux Lite 4.6 Final Released

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PC upstairs, the upgrade went fast on semi-slow DSL , about 2-3 minutes .
PC downstairs , would of been fast , but that in it self is a very funny story, my husbands fault , ha ha ha ha  ;D ;D ;D ;D .
other than that, PC downstairs upgraded smoooooothleeeee , oh ya baby, just took alot longer , i might or will share that story in the on or off topic of this forum .if you think i put that story in the wrong area, just move it , ha ha . i'm still laughing  .


--- Quote from: P.H. on August 31, 2019, 08:52:04 PM ---Very quick upgrade time, about 2-3 minutes. Linux Lite is simply the best ;D

--- End quote ---

Thank you :)

Just a note to say that my 32bit-UEFI only Lenovo 100s (see here for the saga) is now running 4.6 without undue trauma.  Thanks team!

Thank you, team Linux Lite! I run your distro on most of my Lenovo Thinkpads (e.g mostly x131e models) and it has always been working just fine for me.

Good job and thanks again. Greetings from Scandinavia.


Thanks a lot! Within 2 minutes everything was done without any problems. Restart and everything is running.  :)


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