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Linux Lite 4.4 Final Released

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Just did the update on my laptop and so far so good.

Its an old HP Elitebook 810 with i7 5600u, 12GB RAM, 1TB M.2 SATA SSD, Intel HD 5500

The major issue I had previously was when I connected it into its hp docking station and closed the lid sometimes it would not turn on immediately on the external screen.  So far so good now.

Updated laptop and all running without problems.

Can you please post a link to the UEFI version??   I'm unable to build a boot USB for my Mac.  I did boot and install before using the UEFI version for 4.2.64bit

-Dave Z

Did image backups of my partitions, and got ready for the upgrade.
Upgrade completed in less than 4 minutes.
All working smooth and fast, as usual.
Thank you, Jerry and Team.

PS: The double-volume control is still up there on my top right corner.

Replaced LL2.6 on my partners laptop with LL4.4. I think it's a great improvement and she should really like it.


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