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--- Quote from: Vera on June 27, 2018, 10:32:24 AM ---@drrdf - I understand that you miss the 32-bit version. At the same time, let's remember that Jerry is doing this (i.e. developing a Linux distro) himself on a volunteer basis. Maybe we could all be grateful for how long we had 32-bit, instead of upset that it's no longer being available.

I am sure it was similarly hard for Jerry to say goodbye to 32-bit too, but let's think about how much of his time he is using up. If he would be making 2 versions of each release (one for 64 bit and one for 32 bit) then it would take so much more of his time than just one version. Since there are more and more 64 bit computers around and less and less 32 bit, it makes sense that he'd focus on just the 64 bit version. Anyone else who was working on something on a volunteer basis would probably make a similar decision, just because of how much time they're using up.

If you personally need a 32 bit version, one possible solution is that you could consider putting in the time and effort to learning how to install one of the distros that specialize in multiple architectures and who therefore support 32 bit. For example as far as I can tell from my research, Gentoo is a possibility (see this thread on the Gentoo forums If you feel like this is too much time and effort for you to do, then by the same token it would be rather unfair to expect Jerry to put in the time and effort to develop an entire extra version that many people are not using.

I'm not saying you should be forced to throw out your 32 bit computer if you still like it and if you have environmental concerns about getting a new computer (although if you ARE looking for a reason to get a new machine this is a good time! - most software is only being developed for 64 bit now).  I'm saying instead of having no option but to get a new computer, it might be more up to you to step up and do something about getting Linux for your 32 bit machine, not up to Jerry.

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Interesting comments around the 32bit subject.  I'm using LL4.0 on a 64bit, but I did recently install LL3.8 on a friend's 32bit laptop - if I'm not mistaken this is still supported till early 2021 (and is available still to download).

I can't recall the thread here, but one of the team Trinidad has suggested he might do a Debian version of LL 32bit, extending its life for another 10 years. Fingers crossed!

Thank you very much!


--- Code: ---sha256sum linux-lite-4.0-64bit.iso
ca5d6649f8371607a331625664882383560d08f91cdfc131922bf83d96ae3c0f  linux-lite-4.0-64bit.iso
--- End code ---

Thank you for your reply. I did find the md5sum. Md5sum is going by the wayside. Most are using sha256sum since the Mint iso hacks a couple years ago. I'm testing Lite for business and security is paramount.


--- Quote from: raemond on August 18, 2018, 05:01:18 PM ---Hi all. I need the sha256sum for the 64 bit iso please. It must be somewhere but I can't find it. Thanks.

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Go to and scroll down to the MD5SUM CHECKER and drag and drop your iso file onto it.
Hope this helps.


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