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Linux Lite 3.8 Final Released

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I changed the repository in 'Lite Souces' and now it perfect thanks

I have only one  32bit laptop that is working well. Excellent keyboard. I some time ago switched from LL3.8 32 bit to Debian 9 with non free drivers etc.  as I found the Debian to be  "lighter" with quicker responses etc.  Works very well as a basic machine.   .  Supposedly will be supported until June 2022?
Have not as yet tried Debian 10 32 bit,   Not therefore sure what effect it will have on performance.

That's great.
The thing is, I use euphoria 3.1.1 in development ( ) and I like it a lot better than openeuphoria ( ).
In addition, unlike the eternal beta 4 version of OE, Eu 3.1.1 works fine on all wins from 95 to 10 and is even included in the basic freedos package, but only 32-bit and is not built with gcc > 6.0 (i.e. ubuntu 16, debian 9, ...).

Whenever possible I'll switch to OE 4, but so far I'm fine with 3.1.1. Only fewer and fewer people are interested in 32-bit level systems like ubuntu 16, debian 9, ... and I don't think it's fair.

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Welcome, I think you will find the forum members very helpful with any questions you have.

I use LL 3.8 (32 bit) exclusively for all the older and even some of the newer laptops I use for my study group youth in South Africa.  I chose to stick with this for the following reasons:
1) because people are usually donating older laptops the majority have been 32 bit (although I am now getting more 64 bit ones) and most commonly the HDs are smallish (50 GB to 250 GB).
2) I really like "Systemback" and the ability to make restore points as I have had to resort to using these at times.
3) Until I no longer have 32 bit machines it is easier for me to run one L.L.OS on these laptops as it makes it easier to trouble shoot issues with any given laptop I have placed with a youth should a problem arise.

Hope this helps,

Greetings, everyone.
I wish everyone health.

This is my first post on this forum.

I need to understand how many people are still using LL 3.8 x86 (32bit) and in no hurry to change the system?

My native language is Russian ( translated by ).


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