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Linux Lite 3.8 Final Released

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That's great.
The thing is, I use euphoria 3.1.1 in development ( ) and I like it a lot better than openeuphoria ( ).
In addition, unlike the eternal beta 4 version of OE, Eu 3.1.1 works fine on all wins from 95 to 10 and is even included in the basic freedos package, but only 32-bit and is not built with gcc > 6.0 (i.e. ubuntu 16, debian 9, ...).

Whenever possible I'll switch to OE 4, but so far I'm fine with 3.1.1. Only fewer and fewer people are interested in 32-bit level systems like ubuntu 16, debian 9, ... and I don't think it's fair.

Translated with (free version)

I have only one  32bit laptop that is working well. Excellent keyboard. I some time ago switched from LL3.8 32 bit to Debian 9 with non free drivers etc.  as I found the Debian to be  "lighter" with quicker responses etc.  Works very well as a basic machine.   .  Supposedly will be supported until June 2022?
Have not as yet tried Debian 10 32 bit,   Not therefore sure what effect it will have on performance.

I changed the repository in 'Lite Souces' and now it perfect thanks


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