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Linux Lite 3.4 Final Released

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@torreydale , that wasn't my machine, but I have updated now.

Yes, that was youtube, which had been a problem on the netbook.


Two things.  If you upgrade your main computer to LL 3.4, please update your forum profile to reflect that.  Secondly, by videos in Chromium playing better, are you referring to YouTube videos or something else?

I've upgraded last Sunday and have given 3.4 a good workout, on the things I use.
I do a lot of post processing and darktable and RawTherapee both seem to run faster, with no problems  :)
I haven't delved into the inner workings yet, when I do, 'if' I find a problem I will let you know.

So a big thanks to all involved  :) :) :)


I just upgraded a Lenovo S10 netbook that was struggling to breathe even on 3.2. I must say the performance is notably better. Whether that's the inherent code or the new ram drive, I don't know, but videos on Chromium play perfectly now. Great job.

One suggestion: I love the Welcome screen, both the idea and the way it's implemented, but I think the check marks on the left column items is confusing, as it gives the impression that the tasks are completed.


--- Quote from: Jocklad on March 31, 2017, 12:15:52 PM ---Upgrade from LL3.2x64 to 3.4 no problems at all.

Many thanks to Jerry and the Team.

Donation sent  :)


--- End quote ---

Cheers Jocklad :)


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