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Kudos Jerry and team!!

I know what I'm doing this evening  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for adding zRam. Excellent option for older computers. Thank you for everyone's hard work. Being able to declutter logout of options I would never use is also great. Exactly what Linux Lite is all about. Easy to see why Linux Lite is becoming more popular. Let's hope Windows Vista enjoys its retirement. Maybe it can share a room at the home with WindowsME.

:) Tada!

And here is a one hour video to help you create Samba shares in Linux Lite to share files and folders in your network... for multiple users & different access permissions to the shares.

Please, excuse my terrible editing. I'm not youtuber kinda fellow  ;D 

Release Announcement

Linux Lite 3.4 Final is now available for download. Linux Lite continues its focus on Security by providing our latest application, Lite Updates Notify. This application is a desktop notification that informs the user of all available updates. You can set Update reminders anywhere from once every hour to once every 3 weeks. Continuing our focus on Security, Lite Welcome has a fresh new look, reminding you after a fresh install of Linux Lite to - Install Updates, Install Drivers and Set a Restore Point. This release also brings 4 new features to Lite Tweaks, Hibernate & Suspend, Login & Logout Options, Manage Save Sessions and zRam. With Hibernate & Suspend, you can select whether or not to show these options on the Logout screen. The Login & Logout Options feature allows the administrator to enable or disable Login & Logout window options. These 2 new features are particularly useful for multi user set ups. zRam is a compressed RAM block device for faster I/O and is perfect for older computers. Also in this release we've included lots of updates to our Lite packages, as well as the usual fixes from the 3.4 Beta.

Presenting Linux Lite 3.4 Final

Lite Updates Notify - A new application for Linux Lite. Lite Updates Notify is a desktop notification that informs the user of all available updates. Menu, Favorites, Install Updates should be run before executing Lite Updates Notify for the first time. A HUGE thank you to Ralphy for his collaboration on this challenging application.

1. Menu, Settings, Lite Updates Notify.

2. Select a notification frequency.

3. When you receive your desktop notification, you will get either of two messages:

This is a notification only. Go to Menu, Favorites, Install Updates if the notification says you have updates to install. This is an optional application, you do not have to use it if you don't want to and it is disabled by default. Please be aware that if there are no Updates, you will only get the 'Your system is up to date' message once, until such a time where Updates become available again.

To set the above Notification theme, go to Menu, Settings, Notifications. Select the theme 'Default'.

16.04.2 Base - Linux Lite 3.4 is based off 16.04.2, however, we do not include the 4.8 kernel Hardware Enablement Stack. The HWE stacks were never meant to be supported for the entire life of the LTS release. In the past, support has been limited between HWE releases. I prefer to offer people the option to switch to one of our custom kernels should you require newer hardware support, not forcefully impose a newer kernel where it is not necessary or where it may drop support for older hardware.

Lite Welcome - Has been improved by recommending people follow a basic 3 step post-install process. Install Updates > Install Drivers > Setting a Restore Point.

Window snapping by default - Dragging windows to the corners and snapping windows which is a feature familiar to Windows users, is now available in Linux Lite 3.4 Thank you to torreydale and others for this suggestion.

Lite Tweaks - Added zRam feature - zRam is a compressed RAM block device for faster I/O. Perfect for older computers. Added Login & Logout Tweaks feature - enable or disable Login window options. Useful for multi user set ups. There will be updates to this feature following the release of 3.4 so look out for that. A huge thank you to Ralphy for these additions.

Hibernate, Suspend

Hide or show these buttons on the Logout screen.



Login & Logout Options

Login Screen Power Options, before:

Login Screen Power Options, after:

Log Out Screen Options, before:

Log Out Screen Options, after:

Manage Save Session

Show or hide the 'Save session for future logins' feature on the Logout dialogue.


Joystick support - New in Linux Lite, better support for joysticks.

Netflix - Now natively supported in Firefox. Just go to (we have already enabled DRM for you).


Kernel 4.4.0-70 (custom kernels are also available via our Repository for versions 3.13 - 4.10)
Firefox 52.0.1
Thunderbird 45.7.0
VLC - 2.2.2
Gimp 2.8.20
Netflix - native support now in Firefox
Lite Help Manual - added how to switch repositories tutorial
Execute bash scripts - double click on bash scripts to run them
Desktop Notifications theme now set to Default
2 new Wallpapers, Fireworks, Waterfalls (community chosen)
Base: 16.04.2


> Menu, Favorites, Install Updates (you must reboot if asked to, otherwise continue to the next step)
> Menu, Settings, Lite Upgrade

Lite Upgrade - What it will do:

- Lite Desktop Widget user display improvement
- New Lite Welcome
- New Lite Tweaks
- New Lite Help Manual
- New Lite Software
- Newest Arc Theme
- New Wallpapers
- Clearer Terminal font
- Desktop Notifications theme now set to Default
- Bug fixes, enhancements
- Back up your existing config files to: /home/user/.llupgradebackup/3.2/

Lite Upgrade - What it won't do:

- Execute bash scripts - double click on bash scripts to run them. Won't be enabled for multi-user setups (only enabled for Admin)
- Windows Snapping. Won't be enabled for multi-user setups (only enabled for Admin)

There is no upgrade path to or from Beta releases.
There is no upgrade path from Series 2 ( 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 ) to Series 3.

Developer credits for this release - Jerry Bezencon, Ralphy


Download 32bit from here - Linux Lite 3.4 Final 32bit
md5sum: 4cca4626a72c8fe706724c7dbe2b2ca6
Size: 998mb (DVD, USB)

Download 64bit from here - Linux Lite 3.4 Final 64bit
md5sum: b38eb27635bbbeb8473cf43713b2593e
Size: 986mb (DVD, USB)

32bit Torrent from here - linux-lite-3.4-32bit.iso.torrent
Hash: 733d2c4108f786f4a3dec66c1f0d2625f045c21d
Size: 998mb (DVD, USB)

64bit Torrent from here - linux-lite-3.4-64bit.iso.torrent
Hash: a683e4157c3f6f2adab5a15b23bb1f4425c91d84
Size: 986mb (DVD, USB)


Yumi, Multiboot and other multi-boot applications are not supported.

Live USB/DVD/VirtualBox/Vmware:

Login is automatic, no credentials required. The image can be written to a 2gb or larger USB stick, or a writable DVD. Alternatively, you can use the dd command: sudo dd if=linux-lite-3.4-xxbit.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=4M where 'x' is the letter of your usb stick. In linux to find out the letter of your usb stick, open a terminal and type: df -h It is usually listed as 'media' or similar. Please see the built in Help Manual if you require a more detailed explanation of this procedure.

All Ubuntu 32bit kernels these days ship with PAE.

Minimum Recommended Specs:
700MHz processor
512mb ram
VGA screen capable of 1024x768 resolution
DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

Preferred Specs:
1.5GHz processor+
1024mb ram+
VGA, DVI or HDMI screen capable of 1366x768 resolution+
DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

Login to the live desktop is automatic.

The first thing you must do after a fresh install of Linux Lite is run Menu, Favorites, Install Updates.

Farewell Windows Vista (April 11th, 2017)

Thank you :)
Jerry and the team.


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