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Linux Lite 2.8 Final Released

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--- Quote from: Jerry on January 31, 2016, 05:35:11 AM ---During this development cycle, the open source software community lost a pioneering visionary. Linux Lite dedicates this release in honor, and to the memory of Ian Murdock, founder of Debian.

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Do you remember the company Ian was working for the last month of his life?
Docker, in which the late Ian Murdock was hired only a month before he abruptly "insane and committed suicide."
To this day, more than 100 days after the event, there is no new information about his beatings, detention and then "suicide" ... family is not sounding, friends are silent, although there is evidence that shortly before death, Ian claimed to reveal the information that drastically change the image of the open-source system.
Well, that company is on the list, with all the official documents on the modalities of investment


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