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Release Announcement

Linux Lite 2.6 Final is now available for download. This release cycle has seen a number of improvements and additions to Linux Lite. With the introduction of the Linux Lite Control Center, we aim to provide one central location for everything that you need to configure your computer. What's new - Systemback, a system restore and creation tool. Disks, an easy to use partition, hard drive and SSD manager. A new Dark Theme. Updates to some of our Lite applications. As well as the usual latest versions of - Firefox 40.0.3, LibreOffice, Thunderbird 38.2.0

Firefox 40.0.3
Base: 14.04.3
New Wallpapers.
New Lite Welcome.
New root terminal theme.
Updated Help Manual.
Added Linux Lite Control Center - provides one central location for everything you need to configure your computer.
Added Systemback - system back up and OS creation tool.
Added Disks - easy to use partition, hard drive and SSD configurator.
Added Crtl+Alt+Del - brings up logout/restart/shutdown dialogue.
Added VLC Browser Plugin.
Added Dark theme - Zukitwo Dark Reloaded.
Latest WhiskerMenu.

Introducing the Linux Lite Control Center - The Linux Lite Control Center was created with new folk to linux in mind. We wanted to build an application that was one central location for everything that you needed to configure your computer. We recognise that it is sometimes hard to find where things are on a linux based operating system. Lite Control Center aims to address that dilemma. Built much like a web page, Lite Control Center has a menu on the left as categories, and within those categories buttons that launch whichever application you are wanting to use. Lite Control Center can be found on the taskbar next to the terminal icon.

Developer credits - John Jenkins, Jerry Bezencon, Milos Pavlovic, Brian Tomlinson, Josh Erickson

Menu Location - Menu, Settings, Lite Control Center.

Systemback - During the 2.6 development cycle, we asked the community which system restore tool they favoured the most and why. After receiving excellent feedback on social media and the Forums, the community chose Systemback to be included in Linux Lite 2.6. Systemback is extremely versatile. You can easily restore the previous state of your computer, perform system copying, system installation and Live system creation. This is especially useful for those wanting to deploy their custom version of Linux Lite across multiple machines, something the community has been asking for.

Menu Location - Menu, System, Systemback.

New Dark Theme - To apply, go to Menu, Settings, Appearance. Select Zukitwo Dark Reloaded. Then go to Menu, Settings, Window Manager. Select Zukitwo Dark Reloaded. Log out/in to apply the new theme.

64bit ISO - GUFW left out of the 64bit Final, to install it after you have installed Linux Lite 2.6 64bit do:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install gufw
--- End code ---

Upgrading from 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 using the instructions further down will take care of this.

Wallpaper credits:


Download 32bit from here - Linux Lite 2.6 32bit
md5sum: d6702d4b68164e983112b70f080345b4
Size: 780mb (DVD, USB)

Download 64bit from here - Linux Lite 2.6 64bit
md5sum: 0f589216802afaab343d266e6bcb4cd1
Size: 780mb (DVD, USB)

HTTP MIRRORS: (may take some time to populate)

32bit Torrent from here - linux-lite-2.6-32bit.iso.torrent
Hash: ab19f63433ddb4b33badb6719ee8f0d709016c8c
Size: 780mb (DVD, USB)

64bit Torrent from here - linux-lite-2.6-64bit.iso.torrent
Hash: 6f790b143671b0f5be3fe3ae4450f3810be04102
Size: 780mb (DVD, USB)

Live USB/DVD/VirtualBox/Vmware:

Login is automatic, no credentials required. The image can be written to a 2gb or larger USB stick, or a writable DVD. Alternatively, you can use the dd command: sudo dd if=linux-lite-2.6-xxbit.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=4M where 'x' is the letter of your usb stick. In linux to find out the letter of your usb stick, open a terminal and type: df -h It is usually listed as 'media' or similar. Please see the built in Help Manual if you require a more detailed explanation of this procedure.

All Ubuntu 32bit kernels these days ship with PAE.

Minimum Recommended Specs:
700MHz processor
512mb ram
VGA screen capable of 1024x768 resolution
DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

Preferred Specs:
1.5GHz processor+
1024mb ram+
VGA, DVI or HDMI screen capable of 1366x768 resolution+
DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

Login to the live desktop is automatic.

The first thing you MUST do after a fresh install of Linux Lite is run Menu, Favorites, Install Updates.


For those on Linux Lite 2.4 do the following:

1) Menu, Favorites, Install Updates.
2) Menu, Settings, Lite Upgrade.
3) Follow the onscreen instructions, reboot when finished.

Note: Upgrading to Linux Lite 2.6 will not add the Lite Control Center to the taskbar. This feature is only available in the final iso.

For those on versions of Linux Lite 2.0, 2.2 only, do the following:

Open a terminal and do:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lite-upgrade-series2 -y
--- End code ---

2) Menu, Settings, Lite Upgrade.
3) Follow the onscreen instructions, reboot when finished.

You cannot upgrade from Linux Lite 1.0.0, 1.0.2, 1.0.4, 1.0.6, 1.0.8


Thank you :)
Jerry and the team.

Lite Upgrade tells me I'm already running the latest release.

PS:  Never Mind

Me too and I get
 "Unable to locate package lite-upgrade"

if i try
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lite-upgrade -y

My bad, I've edited the original post with the correct details. @bfb please use the code tags when posting terminal output.

Problem with left SuperKey (WinKey) not fixed in Installer Desktop (I am write about this in 2.6Beta). After installation left SuperKey & LL Menu works fine.


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