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Linux Lite 2.6 Beta Released

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When I pick UK keyboard in setup, after OS loaded and reboot bottom right there two keyboards both US.
Easy to have but thought I say about it.

Just about or getting round to loading 2.6
Systemback -  That what i like big buttons looks easy to use 8)

I throw some $ in the bucket soon  ;)

Thank you for your kind words vredfreak. The gtk issue has been mentioned previously. This is something we hope to address in the future. Cheers.

I'm coming back to give Linux Lite another try after briefly giving the 2.2 release a go.  I must say, it's beautiful and functions great, especially for a beta.  I'm currently running xfce, compiz, the Catalyst video driver, and using 4.1 surround audio with no problems.  Nicely done.

LLCC is gorgeous and works great.  Reminds me of how impressed I was with the Mandrake Control Center back in the early 9.* days.  I saw someone else mention having it replace the standard xfce control options in the menu, and I have to agree that having both options may be a bit confusing for new users. The only problem I have with LLCC is that the sidebar and button colors seem to be hard-coded.  This makes it slightly problematic with some gtk themes. Check out this screenshot to see what I mean.  As you can see (or not), the text is unreadable.  This is with the vertex theme, but the High Contrast theme does the same thing.

Again, great work.  And I think your login screen theme is about the slickest I've ever seen.  Bonus points. :)


--- Quote from: dmitry on August 15, 2015, 08:07:55 AM ---May you test WinKey in LL 2.6 Beta Installer image? In my case there print about error. Only after installer desktop boot. If install LL 2.6 Beta then WinKey and LL Menu works fine.

--- End quote ---

Can confirm this, seems the left super key is trying to execute and doesnt have the right perms.


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