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Title: Linux Lite 1.0.0 Final Released
Post by: Jerry on February 12, 2014, 01:27:27 AM
Linux Lite 1.0.0 Amethyst Final for 32bit with Pae support has been released.

Download from here - Linux Lite 1.0.0 Final (
md5sum: e95b20ee67e6dc1fbb348ea7e9ab7bd4
Torrent from here - linux-lite-1.0.0-i386.iso.torrent (
Hash: 7371b335508d67953e39825e488251a4082fca84
Please consider seeding if you have spare bandwidth. Thank you.

Downloads to date: 15,000+

The Live USB/DVD/VirtualBox user is: root there is no password (hit enter)
The image can be written to a 1gb or larger USB stick, or a writable DVD.

Recommended Hardware/Minimal System requirements:

700 MHz processor+
512 MiB RAM+
5 GB of hard-drive space+
VGA capable of 1024x768 screen resolution
Either a CD/DVD drive or a USB port for the iso

Screenshots Gallery - Linux Lite Screenshots (

This distro was created for 3 reasons. One, to show people just how easy it can be to use a Linux based operating system - to dispel myths about how scary Linux operating systems are, two, to help create awareness about Linux based operating systems, and three to help promote this community.

Linux Lite is free for everyone to use and share, and suitable for people who are new to Linux or for people who want a lightweight environment that is also fully functional.

You get a web browser, email, a music & movie player, cd/dvd burner, office software, voice chat, photo editor, network access tools, printing & the Linux Lite Help Manual. All the tools you need out of the box to get you up and running straight away and using Linux Lite productively as soon as you've installed it.

Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with 5 years support. The following software is included: GParted, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, XFBurn CD/DVD Burner, VLC Media Player, Firefox Web Browser with Flash, OpenJDK Java v6, Mumble Voice Chat, Thunderbird Email, XChat IRC Client, Gimp Image Editor, Leafpad Text Editor, Xarchiver.

Get you Linux Lite signature bar from here -

Points to note:

On the release day of Windows 8, this is a huge opportunity for us to show off a Linux based operating system. Lets show people that their operating system can be free and secure and still be easy to use. Enjoy freedom, share knowledge.

Thank you everyone :)