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On Topic / Re: Linux Replacements for Windows Programs
« on: March 16, 2015, 06:46:46 PM »
I move from LL forum.

This is a sad/bad news , guess one s gotta do what one wants to do .

You had good reps on my end .

On Topic / Re: Linux Replacements for Windows Programs
« on: March 16, 2015, 06:02:50 PM »
Well , move from LL Forum or you move , that s a surprise .

On Topic / Re: Linux Replacements for Windows Programs
« on: March 16, 2015, 05:51:31 PM »
How come ! It doesn t interest anyone !.

On Topic / Re: Linux Replacements for Windows Programs
« on: March 16, 2015, 04:02:35 PM »
Well I am not part of the staff but, since the topic is "Linux Replacements for Windows Programs" and not "Open source Replacements for Windows Programs", I would mark it with a footnote stating it contains proprietary components. That way everyone can have the freedom to make up their own mind as to whether or not they wish to use it.  :)

Good idea mate .

I like this site too . In Bookmarks also .

On Topic / Re: Linux Replacements for Windows Programs
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:31:40 PM »
Oh , wasn t aware of that , should be investigated I guess as you wrote .

Suggestions and Feedback / Re: Bluetooth Audio
« on: March 16, 2015, 08:17:32 AM »
Thanx for pointing that uot , guess the Team will have a look at your fix here .

Off Topic / Re: Radio Amateurs @altman and Wiresfree
« on: March 16, 2015, 07:53:37 AM »
I know of this resource Shannon Morse on HAK5 on line at Revision3 webtv . They introduced me to this SDR, TV dongle thing, to get down on HF 600 kc to 30 mc,  There is a kit to build, a x10 divider circuit , like a */10 multiplier circuit same as a mixer that allows the dongle to see below 40 Mhz. There is a full blown TransxCiever kit avail that they explain  "Great Scott Radio kits "  Its meant to be dual band 2meter and uhf hamm band . Its low power like 5 watts , but you can keep building till you got all the power you want.
But I want to look at VHF and up as far as I can for radio testing and repair, Did I mention I have a brain injury and polio, the polio is 60 yrs ago the brain frack is only 5 or so years ago. I have to read every thing very carefully and make notes on papre to do any thing like' sudo apt get -q install xyz' . mostly every cli I ever use is on a tablet in my coat pocket.  and all the new words too ,even old words have new definitions . I can see learning python 3 along with Putty < for my ancient terminal driven test equipment , IFR 2935 and Avcom psa 65c require tty command emulators . like XTERM > is going to be a documented in note book event. I miss having my mind,and short term memory. Backing up in my driveway is a chore I have to look back like 3 times to get it right. 
As far as antennas depends where you are . very simple Jpoles can be made from cable scraps or dipoles. The antenna you had on your truck was prolly for 27 Mhz but it will also work multiples or halves/quarters/eights of 11 meters , up or down it will have sweet spots in it.
Getting this stuff to work on linux is my current problem. I tried to install TOR browser till I gave up. but I did load it on my Dell 810 with no problem.
BTW the 207 H cable was in fact a 208 H cable  but it still works , and I would think opto isolator . with a usb home brew kit. use a RJ45 box to build it in , make newly required adaptor cables  from scarps, as things change I bet they all go to USB or Micro USB any way ..

Thanx will check it out .

Release Announcements / Re: Linux Lite 2.2 Final Released
« on: March 16, 2015, 07:51:24 AM »
Yep , it does support upgrades mate .

wow , it surprises me !

Some newer distros aren t pretty nice to old hardware , seen some in the forum last week or more . Too bad .

Guess I would have a look at this link , might look a little bit paranoid , but it s some interesting readings :

Will reread your post fella .

I would maybe try it , but these are old ubuntu mate . Guess these aren t supported anymore .

I would wait some hours as the dev s has like 12 hour difference from us in North America if not more hours or when someone in the know will give you a hand .

You might save lots of headaches here .

The thing is that I never seen t-canonical search results on my ddg searches .

Might have to do with xul removed I guess ,

I tried to check for ddg s search results to see from the op s link above & never saw this t-can results , I think it has to do with my ff prefs  settings , don t know .

But as I saw ddg has links with canonicals , so I lokok elsewhere . ( another search engine . )
I removed xul package before I even written this thread, and had this t-canonical stuff. Maybe you removed the package before you started Firefox? It's only the search engine modified, so if you say you don't get t-canonical from search engine, the xul could be what modifies the search engine.

I hope you are aware I am talking about search engine, from the bar. PREFERENCES > SEARCH > DEFAULT SEARCH ENGINE.
I don't understand why they have to squeeze such a bullcrap there? They have a default website in Firefox, for google search I think, which brings them money, thanks to Ubuntu Firefox Modifications (that xul package). Now they are in DuckDuckGo engine. Even online searches are enabled by default on Ubuntu, which are used for ads too. They also accept donations. If people want to give them money, they will. Why do I have to search the internet for information to be able to stop their tracking? I don't care it says it's anonymous, the truth is, you never know how anonymous, and if they even say the truth. And like I said, I'm using Linux Lite, not Ubuntu. I know Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu, but whatever. GNU is free (both as in price and freedom). if I will ever use Ubuntu, then I could leave the t-canonical in DDG. But It's not very right what they do. GNU/Linux distributions approved by Free Software Foundations would never do that, if they did, they would be removed. They even pointed out why they don't recommend Ubuntu, one of the points were the "online searches" spying.

I'm trying to support Free Software Foundation, and I prefer 100% free distros, but I'm glad there are distros like Linux Lite, because my laptop, precisely my graphics card doesn't work right without kernel blobs. I couldn't even get full resolution. But I heard Intel GPUs works great without blobs.

yes sir , this Pref s search engine , heard or had read that it s not recommended to search from this search engine , could not find it real quick . I use it as a Home search engine instead of say google or whatever their is .

I use ddg as a default search engine as my default starting page also . It might be because of that .

That s one thing that s ok , so it might / must be a graphic issue .

Looks like this model has issues with linux .

Did you happen to check the md5 sum mate ! Sometimes it s that , it doesn t add up .

No issues on install itself while installing !

Found this , hope it will help , it s an old link , but might be usefull .

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Linux Lite 6.6 FINAL Released - Support for 22 Languages Added - See Release Announcement Section