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Why do I get multiple instances of the same scanner?


Thanks for the guidance  :045:

I went to through my web browser and sure enough, there is a complete printer management "website".

The actual issue of multiple names is not so much of a problem, rather a bit annoying.  But I know that the ones with "ESCL" in the name work with my laptop (running Linux Lite 5.6).

I will have a trawl through the printer settings and see what damage I can cause I can learn.

1. Your printer/scanner is advertising itself in multiple ways using different protocols and ports to make itself visible to the maximum range of device that may want to use a printer/scanner and to offer different services - looks like it may have a web page that it might use to show status.  The PC is seeing these advertisements and interpreting (some of) them as being possibly useful so they get shown.

2. See if the advertisements can be controlled from source by restricting the printer/scanner services, e.g  the http and/or https services might have an option to disable them.  Turning network services off will reduce the functionality of the printer/scanner and may stop other devices from being able to connect to it.  I suppose you could look at your PC firewall settings to block the services you don't want to see.  Depends how much trouble they are causing you.

Why do I get multiple instances of the same device and how can I hide them?

The various scanner applications (XSANE, Simple scan, GIMP and so on), all show half a dozen or so "different" devices, when in reality there is only one.  Also, not all "devices" work.

For example, if I use Simple Scan, it gives me the following devices to select from:
EPSON ET-2720 Series:002:007
EPSON network scanner
ESCL EPSON ET-2720 Series
ESCL EPSON ET-2720 Series [5839454A3039313612]

However, only the ones with ESCL in the name work.

Then, when I use GIMP, which calls up XSANE, it again lists them, but with slightly different names:
EPSON ET-2720 Series:0 flatbed scanner [epsonscan2:ET-2720 Series:002:006:esci2:usb:ES018F:4439]
EPSON network scanner flatbed scanner [epsonscan2:networkscanner:esci2:network:]
EPSON PID flatbed scanner [epson2:net192.168.1.130]
ESCL EPSON ET-2720 Series Se flatbed scanner [escel:]
ESCL EPSON ET-2720 Series Se flatbed scanner [escel:]
ESCL EPSON ET-2720 Series [flatbed scanner [escel:]

1.  Why is the same device listed in six(twelve) different way?

2.  How can I remove/hide the non-working options?


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