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Setting up Canon MG3500 via wifi


Hi all

Have just started using LL (moved from Linux Mint after reading about it on Distrowatch) and love it!

I have got to grips with most of it, mainly because it works so well OOTB and is a doddle to set up but...

I have an issue setting up my Canon MG3500 on wifi.

USB setup works fine - it adds the drivers and I can print.

Wifi does not. Sadly it worked fine on my other box which has Linux Mint on.

When I tried to do via wifi it refused to detect it until I allowed it the setup to modify the firewall to open up IPP and Msomethingsomething (not sure what).

I did this and it added the printer (actually it offered two options to select here, IPP and another). I have tried both of them and when I try and print a test page I get a CUPS server error.

I tried a direct IP address and that did not work.

I have looked around and other people seem to have the same issue and turning the firewall off seems to be an option. I was leery enough opening up the IPP and Mwhatever as I was not sure what the risk was here (I tried to move the firewall to a home profile but not sure if that worked or helped).

My questions:

Given that I have a cable modem with built in firewall, what is the risk of turning off the OS firewall as a matter of principle to allow things like this to work?

Can I turn the firewall off to install the printer and turn it back on again and turn it off just to print?



Help Manual > Tutorials - Firewall Information including ports are there.

Thanks Jerry


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