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Incorrect printed image position problem.


Thanks for the reply
It solved the problem :) 


Take a look at the file

--- Code: ---/usr/local/Brother/Printer/dcp135c/inf/brdcp135crc
--- End code ---

and verify if the value of PaperType matches your paper size. (Most likely your using A4 size paper, so change "Letter" to "A4")

It should be line 7, and look like this

--- Code: ---PaperType=Letter
--- End code ---

You want to change it to:

--- Code: ---PaperType=A4
--- End code ---

You can use the command in a terminal to open in leafpad to easily edit:

--- Code: --- sudo leafpad /usr/local/Brother/Printer/dcp135c/inf/brdcp135crc
--- End code ---

If for some reason this doesn't work right away, may require a reboot.

I have Linux Lite installed alongside Vista Ultimate.
I have installed the drivers for our printer, a Brother DCP-135C, unfortunately the print image is not in the correct position on the printed page.
The printed image is so high that when using Times-Roman 12 font, only half of the top line of text is printed on the top edge of the page.
The  header/footer and margins are appropriately set.
Does any one have a suggestion?



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