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hp printer problems


What version of Linux Lite are you using on the laptop ?
What exact model of 6000 series printer ?
How is the printer connected to the laptop ?

If you connect via USB do the instructions at this link work ?

If you conect over a network ensure the printer has a static address and try the following in 'Enter device URI'
replace aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd with the IP address assigned to your printer.


hello from the country of asterix

I'm sorry for my english, i try to do my best, google is my friend
I use linux lite since almost the standings of this operating system, while I had printers canon, epson etc etc, I never had problems, but since I changed to an hp 6000 series, it's always problems, printer not recognized, scanner not recognized, and because of that I had to replace the operating system of my main computer, but always keeping linux lite on the laptop.
do you have a solution for this type of problem? thank you in advance.


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