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Title: HP Laser Jet M102W
Post by: bitsnpcs on April 11, 2017, 08:46:52 PM

I have tried to install the new printer ( and have not been successful in Linux.

I have downloaded and follow these instructions exactly. (

As well as it having totally vandalized my panel, menus, and desktop with an array of icons, folders, logs, files, none of which seem to be of any use to me.
It also does not print anything, throwing more errors than the height of my monitor, so it over lays them to make them fit etc.

Has anyone know how to getting this working ?
Additional - If it can work, how to tidy that mess of install up.

Update - I found I can delete the desktop files and folders and the panel icon.
Uninstalling HPLIP did not remove its whiskermenu wording only the icon next to it. The HP uninstall procedure leave a large number of files on the system according to the search results.
Title: Re: HP Laser Jet M102W
Post by: bitsnpcs on April 30, 2017, 11:22:10 PM

I have finally managed to solve this today after 20 days of trying.

It needed these things doing to work -

1/ set up the cups driver (this doesn't print)

2/ set up HPLIP (this doesn't print either)

3/ add into HPLIP the CUPS driver.

4/ then remove the duplicated printer in printer settings

5/ then install an additional hp-plugin, the gui install method doesnt work (covers 75-80% of your entire
    screen with messages), you have to install the plugin from the terminal.

6/ you also have to alter your software settings to allow updates from Canonical Partners to successfully
     install that plugin.

7/ Optional - I right clicked the very ugly icon, and chose hide when not active, to make it go away, I
     didn't choose hide always in case the entire thing fell apart etc.

No other configuration worked, the missing of any of the steps caused it to need returning back to #1 and starting again.

It now prints leafpad texts.
I will learn about getting it to print graphics on Linux at a later time as I am so tired out of this.

Hopefully it is of some use to any other users of this printer.

Update -
Today is final day of holiday so I have had time to finish this off.
I managed to get it to print graphics, charts/tables, and a happy cat pic, using OpenOffice and Gimp.
The aspect ratio was off, but it was okay for me.
Google says there are plugins for Gimp for printing photos, I have not tried these as mostly I just need text, or a rough copy of an image of a project or idea.