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Bob Skill:
It is a problem that a lot of HP printers got left off in Ubuntu 20.04.  Hp used for years used to be automatic with ubuntu..LL still is much print automatic with LL4.8 .  For 20.04, see https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/gethplip :Do as told. then install:
https:/developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/install/install/index?language=pt It took me two weeks to get to this. I sent letter to ubuntu and HP to fix before ubuntu 22.04

Hi all,

First, I'd like to thank the developers for this amazing distro!

To get to the point: on my x64 desktop with 8 GB ram, I try to install my printer: HP Laser 107w (or the HP Laser 103-107-108). I direct to the original ppd: HP_Laser_10x_Series.ppd, which works on any other Linux distro. Also I tried to install via cups: http://localhost:631/. But this didn't bring the solution either.

I tried to install via cups, via printmanager and cups, but following message appears: "Rendering completed." After executing the error trace modus, the system hangs.

In the website cups: http://localhost:631/, it says: stopped | "Filter failed".

Hope anyone has the solution!


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