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HP DeskJet 3700 printer/scanner issue

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@firenice03 you have small unreadable text.

@Jerry thanks fixed, think maybe something from copy/paste??
Looked ok after preview/post...

@firenice03 I do everything in source mode, rules out the possibility of any formatting errors.

@Jerry thanks I'll give that a go

I had exactly the same problem with a HP Envy 5640 Multifunction printer and after doing some research I discovered that there is a known and well documented bug retating to several HP Printers and Ubuntu 20.04.
The fix is as simple as opening XFCE terminal and then typing "sudo apt purge ippusbxd" enter. when complete, reboot PC and then print test page from printers properties page. ALL functions worked i.e. scanner, print multiple pages to single sheet etc - perfectly for me after following the above instructions and should solve all your issues also


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