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HP Deskjet 2632 (printer-scanner)

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Before switching to Linux Lite, i had Linux mint.

On both of them the technicians could not install an Epson printer;

They advized me to buy a HP printer   > same impossible to install it.

Even another technician - specialized in Linux - could not install the scanner nor the printer.

So can anyone tell me if there are perfect drivers for installing it on linux Lite ?

Thousand thanks

Jacob Pertou:
My best bet, would be doing what I did with my HP Deskjet 3630, as described here:

You don't mention the model, but if you follow the manual - it works.

It did for my sooo old HPLasetjet1000


If you try and it doesn't you could follow the link provided below in the HP section... Resources for compatible Printers

Not sure what you've gone thru to try and install... but if you have changed/installed a lot it may be beneficial to revert to a previous state (Time Shift,  if you made a backup) ...

A Linux technician could not install it?? Send him/her back to University :)

@firenice03 half of your post is unreadable.

It's not officially supported, I gues HP skipped over it (unusual). You'll have to use the IPP method - https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=239561 and https://scruss.com/blog/2019/05/02/possibly-painless-network-printing-from-your-raspberry-pi/


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