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How to get HP Laser MFP 135w to work under Linux Lite 6.0


Evert Homan:
Hi all,

The HP Laser MFP 135w printer/scanner appears to be tricky to get to work under Linux since it is not supported by HPLIP, despite being manufactured by HP (well, who knows really). After some googling and trying I managed to get it to work and it is actually pretty straightforward. I thought I'd share my experience, maybe this is useful for others with the same or similar models. I am running Linux Lite 6.0.

1) download the printer driver from here: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-laser-mfp-130-printer-series/24494378/model/24494382. Initially the page may state that 'We were unable to find drivers for your product.' Click on 'Choose a different OS', select 'Linux' as operating system, and 'Ubuntu' as version. You can then download the driver.

2) extract the driver archive in a temporary folder. This gives a folder named 'uld' with several subfolders and 6 shell scripts.

3) as root (sudo) run the install-printer.sh script and then the install-scanner.sh script (default options throughtout)

4) from the Lite menu open the 'Configure Printers' app and select 'Add' to add a new printer

5) after a few seconds your printer should show up automatically under the Network printer list (make sure the printer is turned on). I selected the top entry that said:

HP Laser MFP 131 133 135-138 (

6) Click forward and let the program search for drivers - it will not find any

7) Under 'Choose Driver' select 'Provide PPD file'

8| Browse to /usr/share/ppd/uld-hp and open the file HP_Laser_MFP_13x_Series.ppd (this file was created when installing the drivers under step 3)

9) Click Forward, and rename your printer if necessary

10) Print a test page

The Document Scanner program that comes default with Linux Lite 6.0 worked out of the box after this. It may take a few seconds for your compouter to find the scanner on your network.

Good luck/Evert


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