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Richard Keith Smith:
How do I solve the Communication Error 5012 problem

Do you have a clue as to what error that is? Or a definition? Or oh what are they called, when you have a list of those types of errors.
If you can locate that error number you should be able to determine what the problem is whether it is software related or hardware related.


--- Quote from: Richard Keith Smith on August 27, 2020, 10:17:55 AM ---How do I solve the Communication Error 5012 problem

--- End quote ---

More info the better - HP? PC Printer scanner mouse .... Model?? adapter etc etc etc

We have an error message and number.. going to go out on a Limb and say related to printing?
What have you tried, if anything (installed xx??)

If its printing - give this a look over its very detailed...

Keep on through to HP Printers on Linux Lite - there is the hplip if you haven't yet installed...

If not or need further - more details the better :)
Good Luck


Read the link from @firenice03 first. Otherwise check to see what version of hplip is installed and read the link above.


Do you have a low ink alarm on the printer. I have an HP Office Jet Pro 6978 that was working fine in LL 4.8.
Reinstalled LL 5.2 to a new M.2 drive and kept getting the Communication Error 5012. After much farting around including on the LL 4.8, I screwed up the working install in LL 4.8
and cannot get it to reinstall there either.
Short story long, in my searching around I spotted a comment that an alarm on the printer would prevent the installation.
I have low ink alarm for the three colors and figure that is the problem.
Tired of the maintenance cycle using all the ink as I don't print very often. Getting a laser printer. Whew.


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