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Error comunication 5012 - Hp Deskjet 3720


So far no issues

No issues for me when printing

The first step on the HPLIP troubleshooting page is to check for device support.


The supported printers list on the HPLIP developers site and their release notes don't explicitly mention 3720, so there may be an issue with trying HPLIP.


Two similar Deskjet models (the 3700 All-in-one and 3722 All-in-one) are explicitly listed as being supported.  As 3720 isn't on the unsupported list there is some doubt over support. It may still be worth following the HPLIP troubleshooting steps (above) to verify your connection and device discovery.

Good evening, I have installed Linux Lite 5.8, on Acer laptop.
The problem I have, is with the HP Deskjet 3720 printer I cannot print.
I followed the instructions to install HPLIP 3.22.2 from HP site.
The installation via the terminal went well.
When I try to configure the printer with the wizard, the printer is seen, but at the end, it asks me again to do the installation wizard.
Other times there is a communication error n. 5012.

How can I solve the problem?

Thanks and await answers.


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