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Hello, I had to install Linux Lite on a new hard drive, but having trouble installing the software and drivers for my printer a Epson XP-245. If i go to the website below and fill in my printer details, and click the Printer Driver and Scanner Driver, i don`t know which version to download. Any help would be appreciated.

--- Quote ---http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/search/01/search/searchModule
--- End quote ---

Hello Derekg,

With LL 5.0, there is a new version of CUPS.
Have you try to install  your printer/Scanner WITHOUT drivers from Epson site ?
I use a XP-335 and I don't need to load drivers from Epson site and it works correctly under LL 5.0 ; on the test page it is specified "driver : drvless.ppd"

For scanner, don(t forget to stop firewall prior to start SANE.

Paul74, I installed LinuxLite 5.0 this afternoon, and cheers i`ll give that a go. Also i can`t get the scanner to scan.


In this case you will have some parameters to specify in ndifferent fils to get the scanner working !

In the directory /etc/sane.d :

1/ Modify the file  dll.conf and activate following lines :   

2/ Add or modify the file named  epkowa.conf to add scanner ip adress and port 1865 : (in the exemple below, it's my epkowa.conf file)
                                                            net 1865
                                                                  Replace by your printer ip adress

3/ Reboot the system and start Sane.

I have that file open on my screen, but how do i activate those lines ? And is this the other file i have to edit ?

--- Quote ---# epson2.conf
# here are some examples for how to configure the EPSON2 backend

scsi EPSON
# for the GT-6500:
#scsi "EPSON SC"

# Parallel port
#pio 0x278
#pio 0x378
#pio 0x3BC


# For libusb support for unknown scanners use the following command
# usb <vendor ID> <product ID>
# e.g.:
# usb 0x4b8 0x110

# Network
# net
net autodiscovery
--- End quote ---


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