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Can't get Canon PIXMA G5050 to install

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It's connected wirelessly :(


--- Quote ---I've followed the manual
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What exactly happens when you plug your printer into the USB on the PC and power it up ?

Thanks, all.

I can't find a specific driver for the G5050, so I'm hoping the 'G5000 series' driver will be sufficient.

I've no idea how to install this, though??


https://www.canon-europe.com/support/consumer/products/printers/pixma/g-series/pixma-g5050.html?type=drivers&language=EN&os=Linux%20(64-bit) near the bottom, Debian package.

@MrSinister78 ,
First let me inform you that I'm not an expert with Linux and I dare say after a year I'm a novice at best.  I do however have Canon printers in common with you.  First you must search Linux/Ubuntu for any drivers related to your printer.  The best advice I can give you is to go to Canon USA home page and search for a Debian/Ubuntu driver for your printer.  In my experience, and others can tell you that Canon is not a friend of Linux.  I've been using Linux Lite 5.8 for over a year and yet been able to install the Canon Debian/Ubuntu driver for my DW570 laser/scanner printer so it works!  Part of this may be the Canon Linux terminal language given as part of the install and my ignorance of the terminal in general.  Someone may be able to help you in the forum with the procedure and finding the correct driver but that is only the start of the journey.  Like some on the forum told me, " Purchase a printer from a company that supports Linux is the best thing to do".  Or do what I have done, I dual boot Windows 7 and Linux Lite 5.8 and I use Windows 7 to do all of my printing and scanning needs as it is a fact that Canon make their printers for Mac and Windows, not Linux.  Most likely if you find a driver on the Canon page it will be from a 3rd party not Canon and they will let you know that they don't support it.


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