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Canon pixma printer driver


The rules are not very clear?? They could not be any clearer, they are step by step WITH pictures.


Hi, Many tnx for the reply. But still no progress. I've taken a screenshot of the CUPS as it doesn't seem to be connecting to my network? I click Server, then Connect, then Connect again in the box and nothing happens. Tried turning off the firewall but no change?
(Not sure of how to post screenshots etc, so used a url. The rules are not very clear!! Cannot use img file, no insert html???) So used a url from the Imgur site. If wrong, you'll have to advise.



Hi guys

Just bought a Canon Pixma TS6350a printer which works fine on the USB connection. But it seems as though Canon do not support this printer for wifi on Linux. Is there a workaround to this or it is what it is? My Win 10, and Mac are fine as they are supported. Many tnx.


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