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Canon Imageclass D570 laser printer/scanner driver

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Howdy folks,
I have a Canon Imageclass D570 printer/scanner I purchased late last year and it works exceptionally well with Windows 7 home premium.  Linux Lite recognizes the printer and scanner but there isn't a driver available with Linux Lite 5.8, so I downloaded a driver from the Canon website but I am not sure how to install it since I'm so new to the LL OS.  I've read what I could find on the manual and other websites but since I'm not familiar with command line yet I need some beginner instructions please. 


Can you report what driver you have downloaded and where exactly you are stuck when installing it ?

If it is a archive (tar) file, there may be a readme file with installation instructions.

I'm stuck at the beginning because I don't know command line yet and according to what I've read elsewhere I need to install the file using the command line.  This is the file I downloaded from the Canon site, let me know if this is what you need.



To see if your downloaded archive file contains specific instructions - take a look inside it using the GUI.

Open your Downloads folder and double click on linux-UFRII-drv-v540-usen-20.tar.gz

This should show you the files contained in the archive.  Look for a file named README or similar.
If there is one, right click and extract it to a preferred location, then close the archive and view the extracted file with the appropriate application for the README.  If the README requires use of command line you can open a terminal using 'Ctrl+Alt+t' or right click 'Open Terminal here'.

There are many beginner guides for using the command line.  The Linux Lite one is in the Help Manual under 'Install' then 'Terminal Basics'

Howdy stevef,

I will give it a try today and let you know where it leads.  I've been using the command line doing the copy and paste thing and actually performed a virus scan all on my own. 
I appreciate the help.



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