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Canon Imageclass D570 laser printer/scanner driver

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I've been dealing with this since March and I have the same problem with the printer driver, I went to Canon and and copied and pasted the command for removing the driver and printer and the terminal didn't recognize the command language.  I removed the printer from the printer set up or gui and I did a purge but the scanner is still there.  The command line language that is given by Canon says it is for Debian but it doesn't work.  So how am I to start over if I am unable to rid my machine of the driver?  I know that no one here can see what is going on but I have read a lot over the past 5 months and still haven't a resolution and I need my printer to work with LL in order to eventually ditch W7.  I need to have the correct command language to remove all traces of the printer driver files so I can start over with the install.  I also don't know how to log into CUPS to find out if the printer is there.  I will keep looking and reading but this is BS that I am having this much trouble installing a simple printer/scanner from a world wide known company.

yes just the USB - it can be powered on..

Specifically during the registration process... Step 2

--- Quote ---For printers connected via USB
(1) Turn the main power of the printer ON → connect the computer and printer via USB cable → click [Refresh].
If the printer is displayed in the list, printer registration is complete.
If the printer is not displayed in the list, proceed to the next step.
(2) Disconnect and reconnect the cable with the main power of the printer ON → click [Refresh].

--- End quote ---

I assume that means just the USB being unplugged, do I need to remove the printer from the OS using the command Line?

As long as the printer is not connected to the PC during driver install...

Morning @firenice03,
I will research the uninstall code sometime today, my printer USB is plugged into a USB hub;  should I unplug the printer or just unplug the USB from the hub?  Just wondering.  Have a great Sunday.


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